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4 old-school-BlackBerry features in the new PRIV

Al Sacco | Nov. 9, 2015
BlackBerry's new PRIV smartphone may run the Android OS, but it's still a true BlackBerry, thanks to these four recognizable features.

For example, I have my work email set to red, my Gmail is yellow and my personal text messages are purple. If I'm partaking in a few after-work libations with buddies, and I see that blinking red light, I may choose to ignore it. On the other hand, if I see a purple pulse, and I know the missus is expecting me home (or more importantly, expecting the groceries I'm supposed to pick up), I'll be more likely to check my phone. (Maybe.)

The LED changes colors when new alerts come in, but unfortunately it only shows one color at a time and does not cycle through colors, to show you that you have multiple alert types.

4) The BlackBerry 'Splat'

blackberry priv screen shot with splat 2 
BlackBerry PRIV app icons with 'splat' alerts. Credit: Al Sacco

The circular, red BlackBerry-message-alert-icon thingee, aka, the "splat," delivers a big amount of BlackBerry branding and nostalgia. And it is splattered all over PRIV's Android OS. It's on the lock screen when you have new notifications. It's on individual app icons when new alerts are waiting.

It's small but nice touch from BlackBerry, and one you won't find on any other Android phones.


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