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5 video editing apps for Android

JR Raphael | March 10, 2014
For a platform with more than a million apps, it sure is difficult to find a decent video editor on Android.

Last but not least, an overflow menu icon holds the option to grab a still frame from a video as well as to apply a variety of different filters — standard stuff like black and white, vignette and vintage modes.

And that's about it. If you're looking for advanced video editing, VidTrim definitely isn't for you. But if the most basic video manipulation is all you need, VidTrim does a few elemental things reasonably well.

WeVideo (Free)

Interested more in social sharing than serious editing? WeVideo is an all-in-one solution that makes it simple to give your videos extra pop and then publish them to the Web — all without ever leaving the app.

Pros: Simple to use; prepackaged themes make editing very easy; built-in options for online sharing

Cons: Extremely limited in functionality; requires account creation prior to use; requires all content to be uploaded to remote servers for editing

In short: For non-tech-savvy users who want to create attractive thematic clips for social sharing, WeVideo is about as simple of a solution as you could find.

WeVideo is entirely cloud-based — and as a result, you have to first upload a video to its servers and wait for it to process before you can do anything. This took several minutes with the 56-second clip I used to test the app, which was mildly annoying compared to the instant-on environment other video editing apps provide.

You also have to create a WeVideo account in order to use the app, which I found to be rather irksome as well.

But you have to think of WeVideo as almost more of a social network than a stand-alone editor; the idea is that you can make clever creations and then share them using the app's own network. Once you've uploaded a clip, the app gives you a WeVideo-based link along with the option to publish the project to YouTube, so if that's the kind of thing you're after, it could be a reasonable solution for you.

WeVideo's editing tools are fairly limited: You can trim a video, add multiple clips or images into a project, and add in music. WeVideo provides a variety of ready-to-use themes that attach specific songs and visual styles to your projects, though you can also opt to use your own tunes if you prefer.

The app allows for a basic title screen at the start of a video; it's automatically styled for you in a look that matches the theme you selected. You can add a lower-third graphic as well, though, like the title screen, you can't control how it looks or when it appears.

WeVideo won't be for everyone, but for users looking for prepackaged ways to quickly spruce up their videos and share them with friends, it's an app worth considering.


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