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7 ways to make the most of your Android and iPhone contacts

Ben Patterson | Jan. 21, 2015
How to designate ringtones, put contacts on the home screen and even add phonetic names.

For iOS:
Open the contact card in the Contacts app, tap Edit, scroll all the way down, then tap Add field.

Tap Nickname, type in your friend's nickname, then tap Done.

Tug down on your iPhone or iPad's home screen to open the Spotlight search box, then search on the nickname you just added. When you do, the correct contact will pop up. You can also try using nicknames in Siri voice commands (such as, "Send Skip a text"), too.

Add a phonetic name
Speaking of nicknames, what about those hard-to-pronounce names that tend to trip up your tongue?

The good news is that you can add phonetic names to contacts in both iOS and Android, with the phonetic spellings appearing just below the actual name on the contact card.

For Android:
The process of adding a phonetic name to a contact in Android is almost exactly the same as adding a nickname. Just open a card, tap the three-dot Menu button, tap Edit, scroll down and tap Add Field, then tap Phonetic name.

For iOS:
Again, adding phonetic names on an iPhone or iPad is pretty much like adding a nickname. Open a contact card, tap Edit, scroll down and tap "Add field," the tap "Phonetic first name," "Phonetic middle name," or "Phonetic last name."

Bonus tip: Is either Siri or Google Now's voice commands having trouble recognizing a name in your address book? If so, adding a phonetic name can help clear up the confusion.

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Is Siri or Google Now having trouble recognizing names? Give 'em a little help with the "phonetic name" field.


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