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Android has nothing to worry about from the iPhone SE

Florence Ion | March 23, 2016
It's too expensive, and too small, to do much damage to Android's rapid growth.

But there’s one problem: the iPhone SE is still too pricey for some, and it’s likely to get even more expensive when it’s brought overseas—as is typically the case with international iPhone launches. The phone starts at $400 for the 16GB model, and $500 for the 64GB model. That’s quite a bit of cash for such a small phone, and even when Apple’s gone cheaper—like it did with the iPhone 5C—it hardly made a dent in Android’s sales numbers.

Last year’s resounding theme in the Android sphere was “premium phones at $400.” The Nextbit Robin, Moto X Pure Edition, Nexus 6P, and the HTC One A9 are solid performing smartphones at a fraction of Apple's top-end phones. Motorola even lets you customize your own device to match your personality. You don't have to spend more than $400 to get a great, modern Android phone, and the really price-conscious can spend a lot less.

The war is the same for everyone

Android fan, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Google's marketshare. The iPhone SE exists solely to help satiate those die-hard Apple users who just can’t grasp the idea of a bigger phone. It’s also important to remember that we’re entering into an era of smartphone stagnation, which means that companies will find any excuse to try and market a new phone. “Smartphone sales will eventually decline,” said Blau. “We’ll start to see a softening. Apple and Google will have to work harder…the competition is going to be tougher.”

The battle for your pocket is only going to intensify. “I would actually see both the Apple and Android ecosystem getting more aggressive and going after each other, especially after phone penetration rates get higher globally,” added Blau. “We’re going to start seeing them compete more heavily on innovation.” Stuffing the guts of the iPhone 6s in the body of the iPhone 5s isn't very innovative.


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