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Apple product rumours for 2013

Mark Hattersley | Oct. 29, 2012
Now that we know the final lineup form Apple, the focus has shifted to next year. In particular Apple products in the first-half of 2013.

Theory Three: Apple is clearing the decks for a 'reinvention'

This is the interesting theory. And therefore the one we'd most like to be true (and probably therefore isn't). Apple does constant innovation (Siri, iTunes Match, iCloud strike us a three recent examples) and every so often it attempts something grander: 'reinvention'.

Apple reinvented the home computer, music player, mobile phone, and tablet computer (just one of those is more than most companies ever manage). So what's next?

The Apple Television (the full TV rather than the Apple TV box) is a rather high-profile candidate. But that does seem to depend on Apple getting the deals lined up with the content providers, and that seems to be a stumbling block.

Other leftfield ideas include the iBike, iCar, and iSpecs (a Google Glasses augmented reality eyewear type innovation) all of which Apple has patents on or are ideas that Steve Jobs worked on. Although we'd bet on the television before any of the others - we wouldn't be on the bike or car at all.

Whatever happens in early 2013. You can bet we'll be first in line to report on it.



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