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Apple Watch Series 2 FAQ: Everything you need to know about the second-gen Watch

Oscar Raymundo | Sept. 9, 2016
The Apple Watch Series 2 comes out Sept. 16 complete with swim-proof capabilities, built-in GPS, and a special Nike edition.

apple watch series 2 nike waterproof

Apple’s second-generation smartwatch is finally here. The Apple Watch Series 2 is not a drastically different device than the original Watch that debuted almost two years ago, with 38mm and 42mm models. But there are still some notable improvements, upgrades, and cool new collaborations. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Apple Watch Series 2.

Let’s get to it: Is it waterproof?

Yes! At least more-so that then first-generation Apple Watch. Whereas the original Watch was merely splash-proof, the Apple Watch Series 2 is being called “swim-proof.” Most ingeniously, Apple has redesigned the speaker, which needs air to make sound, to help keep water from getting inside the device. Technically, the Apple Watch Series 2 meets the water resistance certification for 50 meters.

50 meters? Wow, so can I go diving with it?

No! The 50 meter certification is somewhat of a misnomer. It just means that you can go swimming with your Apple Watch Series 2, either in a pool or the ocean. So don’t even think about going scuba diving wearing your Watch.

apple watch2 swimming

Does it have cellular capabilities?

Original rumors suggested that Apple was hoping to make its second-generation smartwatch fully cellular, but it turns out that’s not the case. You will still need to have your iPhone nearby for your Apple Watch Series 2 to perform most data-heavy operations. But that doesn’t mean that the new Watch is useless without being tethered to your iPhone. The Apple Watch Series 2 does have a built-in GPS.

Built-in GPS? What can I do with that?

During the September event, Apple showcased the built-in GPS on the Apple Watch Series 2, both by mapping a running route in the Workout app, and with a third-party app too. Using ViewRanger, a hiking app, you can pick from nearby hikes, get notifications about scenic points while en-route, make sure you don’t go off the trail, and record your activity tracking, all using the Watch’s GPS.

Any other differences in the Series 2?

Yes, during our hands-on after the event, we noticed that the Apple Watch Series 2 was slightly thicker than the original Series 1. The Watch Series 2 has a dual-core processor making it faster, as well, and the display is twice as bright.

In addition to the stainless steel and the aluminum models, Apple has added a glossy white ceramic body that Susie says, “looks like it was carved from solid block of unicorn horn.” Apple claims that the ceramic used is four times harder than stainless steel. The ceramic Apple Watch Edition is going to cost you, though, as this model is now the priciest on the lot, starting at $1249 for the 38mm version with a cloud-colored Sport Band.


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