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Apple's iPad Pro: why it's not right for pro artists and designers (yet)

Digital Arts staff | Sept. 11, 2015
Apple's iPad Pro is real. It has a lot of creative potential, but it's pro-grade apps - or a lack of - that will make or break it.

Adobe got up on stage with Apple and showed its Comp layout tool and the new Photoshop Fix retouching tool. These are well-designed, beautifully executed applications - but limited in functionality. Adobe says in a blog post that 'with the iPad Pro, iOS9, and Adobe's Creative Cloud mobile apps, professional creativity is coming of age' but it's going to have to go higher and wider if it wants to make Apple's big tablet something you'd choose to put in your bag rather than a Macbook Pro or Surface Pro 3. It's not out of reach and Adobe has hired some very talented people in this area recently.

Before the iPad Pro comes out in November, we need to see serious, grown-up, professional applications for creative pros - or it'll end up in a limbo between tablet and laptop like Wacom's Android-based Cintiq Companion Hybrid, which only lasted a single generation before being killed off in favour of a proper tablet PC.


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