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Asia-Pacific increases spend on digital mobile consumers

Anuradha Shukla | Oct. 4, 2012
Investment levels in mobility initiatives go up according to TCS Global Trend Study.

Companies in Asia-pacific have increased spend on digital mobile consumers, according to a research commissioned by Tata Consultancy Services.

Organizations in this region will spend far more on responding to digital mobile consumers than companies in North America, Europe and Latin America this year.

The study "The New Digital Mobile Consumer: How Large Companies are Responding," indicates that in 2012, companies will spend US $2.41 million per US $1 billion revenue in Asia-Pacific.

Levels of investment will grow by 2015 with spending per US $1 billion revenue to increase to US $2.85 in Asia-Pacific versus US $2.41 million in 2012.

"The digital consumer is an exciting and complex customer segment that global corporations have to understand and engage with," said N. Chandrasekaran, CEO and managing director for Tata Consultancy Services. "These consumers are diverse in their need, their interactions are flexible and often conducted 'in motion'. Keeping their attention means being able to serve their dynamic needs by leveraging the power of digital and mobile technologies to engage with them."

Changes required to win loyalty of consumers

TCS' study focuses on consumer industries, both manufacturing and service companies, in four regions of the world: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

This study emphasizes the need to introduce business changes to win the loyalty of consumers.

"Businesses addressing this smart consumer segment must collect high quality data to understand them in real time; engage them in new and innovative ways; and reinforce their relationships through flawless technology interactions," added Chandrasekaran.

82% of "leader" firms recognize the importance of the digital mobile consumer and have thus made the digital mobile consumer a unique market segment.

85% of those surveyed have created a new product and service offering for digital mobile consumer.

28% of "laggards" have made the digital mobile consumer a unique market segment and 30% of such firms have created new product or service offerings for this audience.


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