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Asians live in “post-mobile” world: Appier report

Adrian M. Reodique | April 18, 2016
The report showed that cross screen campaigns perform 26 percent better than multi-device campaigns.

Asians are living in a "post-mobile", world where users move between multiple devices-such as smartphone, tablet, and desktop PC-depending on convenience, individual habits and preferences. 

This is according to the 2H 2015 Cross Screen User Behaviour Report by artificial intelligence company Appier.

The report revealed that over half (51 percent) of multi-device users in Asia interact with three or more devices, with countries like Australia (78 percent), Taiwan (77 percent), Korea (70 percent) and Singapore (69 percent) exhibiting stronger adoption rates.

"Our study shows that the post-mobile world is a cross screen world. Asia's multi-device users are switching between screens throughout their day based on convenience, habits and preferences, introducing unprecedented complexities for businesses looking to reach people online. As users embrace more devices, the message is clear: cross screen is no longer optional," said Chih-Han Yu, CEO and Co-founder of Appier.

Even in "mobile-first" Asia, PC remains to be an important screen for the region's multi device users. The report showed that PC generated over 50 percent as much usage as smartphones. In addition, each PC is used nearly four times as much as smartphone. Tablets also generates 20 percent to 30 percent more usage than a smartphone.

The report also suggested that, on average, men are more active on both PCs and smartphones than women by three percent and four percent, respectively. However, women are about 14 percent more active than men on using tablets.

The time of the day also impacts the usage of mobile devices. According to the report, PC and smartphone web usage intersect during the day, with smartphones usage rising during lunch (12pm to 2pm) and during commute to home (from 5pm) while tablet usage skyrockets after 5pm.

Mobile device usage also varies by day of week. Indonesians use smartphones more from mid-week, to Mondays in Singapore and weekend in Taiwan. Tablet usage, on the other hand, accelerate on the weekend thus indicating it as the more leisure device.

On PC usage, aspiring markets where it is primarily used in the workplace, average usage per PC peaks during weekdays. In developed markets-where many household own PCs-average usage per PC rise on weekends.

Meanwhile, users respond differently to advertisements across different devices. The report revealed that nearly seven in 10 cross screen users in Asia interact somewhat or completely different towards ads across different screens.

Of these users, over half interact completely different with ads across different screens-a trend more pronounced in Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The report showed that cross screen campaigns perform 26 percent better than multi-device campaigns. 


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