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BLOG: 2 more reasons to love iOS 6—and 2 to hate it (not only Maps)

James A. Martin | Oct. 1, 2012

iOS 6 Passbook screen shot

Love: App Store Doesn't Kick You Out During Downloads

Apparently, Apple once believed that when users downloaded an app from the App Store, they wanted to be immediately ejected from the store. Apple must have thought users were dying to see the new app's icon on their screens so they could watch the download progress bar. But with iOS 6, Apple figured out that people might actually want to stick around in the App Store after downloading something. Come to think of it, that's not such a bad idea for Apple, either, given that the company gets 30 percent of App Store sales.

Love: Email VIP Alerts

When I receive mail from a select group of people, I want to read those messages ASAP, and iOS 6's new VIP feature in mail makes doing so very easy-after some setup.

To start a VIP list, you must first open the Mail app. Then, find an email from, say, your spouse. Tap on your ball-and-chain's name in the "From" field of the email, and a box pops up to show you that person's contact info, with an option to "Add to VIP." After you start your list, go to Settings > Notifications. Make sure the Mail app is in your Notification Center. If it isn't, turn on notifications in the Mail app's settings. Then, in Mail's Notifications options, you can choose the alert style, if you want a "new mail" sound to play, and so on.

iOS 6 VIP email Mail notifications

What features of iOS 6 incite your feelings of love, hate, and plain old meh?


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