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BooleanTech unveils mobile privacy app

Zafirah Salim | Aug. 6, 2014
Called StitMe, the app allows users to connect with people without giving away their phone number.

BooleanTech - a company based in Ireland, Singapore and Vietnam - launched on Tuesday (August 5, 2014) a mobile app called StitMe, which gives users complete privacy control over their mobile phone communications and messaging.

The app allows users to connect with others by simply using a StitMe ID so there is no need for them to give away their personal mobile numbers. Even when users make outgoing calls, the recipient's caller ID will only show the unique "StitMe Privacy Protected Connection Number" - a permanent number between two people, which they can use to call each other. Such anonymity of numbers helps to protect users from unwanted return calls, sales calls, stalking and unknown calls.

Besides empowering users with the freedom to control who can and cannot contact them, StitMe also lets users control when they can contacted by presetting the day and time they want to receive calls from their StitMe contacts, thus blocking calls during "off hours" or when they are busy.

This one-to-one connection with a StitMe contact can be deleted at any point of time, which provides an additional layer of protection. Once deleted from the address book, the contact will not be able to reach the user anymore.

Another unique feature of the app is that it provides users with a timer-based Auto Kill switch to kill chats from both ends.

"Privacy is a right and not a commodity thus it must be made available to one and all, therefore StitMe is 'free' for all end users," said Gurtaj Singh Padda, founder and CEO of BooleanTech.

"Never before have consumers been able to securely, safely and easily control their entire mobile sphere of text and talk. StitMe's cutting-edge technology is extremely easy-to-use, works with every phone, on every network and is completely untraceable," he added.

StitMe is a free mobile app and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android mobile platforms.


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