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Boost your productivity with Android Wear time managers

Derek Walter | April 21, 2016
Get motivated and finish those pesky tasks with these wrist-friendly apps that will give you a gentle nudge.

One reason you might say yes is in how well Todoist has built apps for every major platform. Native apps are available for OS X, Windows 10, Chrome OS, and extensions for most major browsers. This enhances the Android Wear experience, because you can add in and tweak your items from anywhere and be confident they’ll show up on your watch.

Wunderlist is another smart tool

It’s easy to see why Microsoft decided to plunk down some cash to buy Wunderlist. While the design isn’t quite as sharp as Todoist, the app also embarks on an “it’s all going to be ok” philosophy on getting things done.

Generally it’s a more lightweight tool, which is sometimes the best system when it comes to helping you achieve task completion: just show the content and then get out of the way. The Android Wear app is actually the strongest of the batch, as you can swipe through your list and then mark items off as finished or launch them on your phone for more details.

wunderlist android wear
Wunderlist has a smooth design, so at least you can think about a scenic background even if the task isn’t so pleasant.

Wunderlist also uses “smart due date” detection, looking for key words like “next week or “tomorrow.” I like being able to snooze items, throw a star on an important to-do, and choose which list shows up on the Android Wear version (like travel, groceries, or work).

While Wunderlist doesn’t have the data analysis and zen-like tools of Todoist, I find that its simplicity and cross-platform strength makes it a viable companion.

Like Todoist, Wunderlist has a paid model for those who want the app for business use or to get all the available features, like setting due dates, organizing content by hashtags, and making comments on one another’s to dos. Pro and business upgrades are $5 per month or $50 per year.

Google crafted its own GTD system

You kind of have to cobble a few pieces together, but Google has built a pretty good get-things-done-system on its own. And since it’s Google, there’s excellent Android Wear support.

To start, you want to put to work all those Google voice commands. You can say, “OK Google, remind me to email Thomas at 10:00 AM” and that will instantly appear in Google Now, Inbox, and Calendar.

On the watch I still experience times when I get the dreaded “try that again” message because something got in the way of transmitting the data to Google’s cloud. It’s rare, but annoying when things don’t work.

google now tasks 
The Google app pings you with time-based alerts and lets you zap them away with one swipe on your watch.  Credit: Derek Walter


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