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Boost your productivity with Android Wear time managers

Derek Walter | April 21, 2016
Get motivated and finish those pesky tasks with these wrist-friendly apps that will give you a gentle nudge.

Before I discovered Todoist, this is what I really used. And in some ways I still do—I use Inbox, Google Keep, and Google Now so much that it just makes sense to use this service for reminders and to take advantage of Google’s machine learning. 

The only downside to a dedicated system is there’s no rewards method of one, focused space where your tasks are located. They follow you through all your Google services, but that also means they’re in the clutter of, well, all your Google services. I think it’s a great system though, particularly if you want to keep everything you do searchable in Google’s cloud.

A new hope with gamification

If you really want to go outside the box, then another method is to even further in the gamification department with two other apps I like: Habitica and EpicWin

EpicWin is like an RPG meets a to-do list: you craft a character with a number of different traits that gets stronger as you do your chores. It’s fun, but I found that getting the Undead Warrior to conquer the laundry wasn’t any more motivating. I still had to do the laundry.

rpg to do apps
Habitica and EpicWin will have you wielding a sword to slash your way through the laundry and other chores.

I preferred Habitica a little more as it had a better design that helped me focus on the actual tasks at hand.  The rewards were also a little more fun, and I liked the ability to set up some habits so there was a recurring list of daily activities.

Neither app has an Android Wear component, but if you want to tap into your inner geek for slaying tasks, these could be way to go.

An Android Wear watch is a pretty personal device, which lends itself toward a customized task management system. There was a lot of good in each of these three setups, and you may want to try them all for a while to see which is the best fit. In the end I’ve learned that such technology is at its best when it’s doing more than just keeping track of stuff, but helping you to actually get through those items with reminders and helpful motivational nudges along the way.


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