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Businesses can pay more for mobile broadband

Anuradha Shukla | April 17, 2012
Ready to spend for guaranteed quality of mobile broadband services in the office, according to Alcatel-Lucent research.

Businesses are willing to pay more for guaranteed high quality mobile broadband services in the office, according to Alcatel-Lucent research.  

The research cited the reason for being ready to pay more as mobile operator's inability to address the broadband requirements of the businesses.    

Businesses are fed up of dropped calls in the office and over 87 percent of the respondents are likely or very likely to switch providers to get better cellular service in the office.

The findings of this study are based on a recent primary research study commissioned by Alcatel-Lucent conducted with businesses in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Singapore and Australia.

About 44 percent of the enterprises surveyed are willing to pay extra for premium services and the majority is ready to pay between six percent and 20 percent more.

Large and very small enterprises said they would like to pay for premium service with a one-time fee. Small and mid-sized companies indicated a slight preference for a contract extension.

Enterprise Cell

Poor quality of broadband services can be improved by Enterprise Cell, claims Alcatel-Lucent.

The company notes that cellular coverage can be impeded by the building itself but Alcatel-Lucent's Enterprise Cell enables mobile operators to offer companies business-grade services using small cell technology.

Businesses can easily install the Enterprise Cell in the office and customise it to provide support from 16 to 32 mobile devices.

More than one Enterprise Cell can be used to provide coverage for larger spaces enabling people to move around the office with no break in service.

"There is much pent up demand for guaranteed cellular quality and high-speed connections within office buildings and our research has shown that companies are prepared to pay for better service inside," said Parker Moss, VP of wireless marketing and strategy, Alcatel-Lucent.

"Alcatel-Lucent's expertise and technological innovations in the realm of small cells and our lightRadio portfolio provides operators with the ideal solution to cost-efficiently handle increasing traffic loads while improving end-users' quality of experience."


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