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CES 2013: Data Digest

Forrester | Jan. 3, 2013
In preparation for CES, Forrester has compiled the following data digest for your use.

In preparation for CES, Forrester has compiled the following data digest for your use.


Tablet growth continues to skyrocket, thanks to the broad appeal of Apple’s iPad and newly introduced iPad Mini. With the introduction of Microsoft’s Surface, tablets continue to gain an even wider appeal: US consumer adoption has more than doubled since 2011, reaching 19% in 2012.

Forrester’s latest tablet  forecast anticipates a 22% CAGR for US consumer owned tablets over the next five years.
88% of tablet owners use their tablets in the living room. After the living room, the most popular places to use a tablet in the home are the adult's bedroom (79%), followed by the kitchen (53%).

62% of US tablet owners use their tablets to access social networks such as Facebook, an activity surpassed only by playing games, email, and web browsing.

WEARABLES (The Internet of Things)

Sensor-laden devices (SLDs) such as wearables and embedded devices - sometimes called “The Internet of Things” - will drive the next phase of growth in personal computing and have the potential to transform how we live and work.

17% of US online consumers are interested in purchasing a Nike+ FuelBand.
13% of US online consumers are interested in purchasing a Sony SmartWatch or Google Glass.


Mobile devices are not merely another chapter in the smaller, faster, cheaper device story. Instead, mobile is the flash point for a much more holistic, far-reaching change to new “systems of engagement” that empower people in the decision moments.

61% of the world’s population owns at least one mobile phone.
One billion consumers will have a smartphone by 2016; US consumers alone will own 257 million.
The mobile apps market will reach $55 billion in 2016; Mobile spend will reach $1.3 trillion by 2015 - 35% of the tech economy.

KEY PLAYERS (Platform Wars)

The battles we’ve seen among Apple, Google, and Microsoft - and more recently Amazon and Facebook too - over talent, intellectual property and patents, developers, and customers are only getting started.


Compared with the total US online population, iPhone owners are 156% more likely to own an iPad, 188% more likely to own a Mac, and 235% more likely to own both.
Forrester forecasts Apple OS smartphone sales to reach 320 million by 2016, from 135 million in 2012 - a 24% CAGR.


Forrester forecasts Google OS smartphone sales to reach 741 million by 2016, from 426 million in 2012 - a 15% CAGR.
7% of US online consumers own an Android tablet vs. 14% of Android phone owners, but among Android phone owners, 17% also own an iPad.


Forrester forecasts Microsoft OS smartphone sales to reach 179 million by 2016, from 22 million in 2012 - a 69% CAGR.
Following a slow adoption ramp, Forrester sees Microsoft garnering almost 30% of tablet sales by 2016.


30% of consumers start their product research on Amazon, surpassing Google.
Forrester estimates that Amazon’s US revenue accounted for 19% of total US eCommerce revenues by 2011.


Explosive population growth, the rapid adoption of digital technologies, and increasing levels of disposable income make Asia Pacific one of the most exciting and lucrative technology markets in the world.

As of March 2012, China had more than 1 billion mobile users -- more than three times the number in the US.
Overall mobile penetration among metropolitan Chinese consumers is 92%, higher than EU-7 (91%) and the US (77%).
The number of tablets used for office work in APJ will increase from about 19 million in 2012 to more than 83 million in 2016 - a 44% CAGR.
By 2014, Asia will include almost half of the world's online population; and China specifically will represent 34% of the world’s total population and 42% of all online users.


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