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Daylight saving gremlins hit Vodafone, iPhone users

Asher Moses (SMH) | April 4, 2011
Daylight saving might be a boon for lovers of sunshine but it causes havoc with technology, as Vodafone customers and some iPhone users discovered over the weekend.

"I notice my HTC Desire didn't - it stuck to its guns, as did my laptop."

Orietta Guerrera, editor of The National Times, had an almost identical issue - her iPhone 4 clock adjusted automatically to the new time yesterday but decided to revert back today.

"My alarm went off an hour early - which when I'm getting up at 5.15am anyway isn't much fun!," she said.

A straw poll conducted on Twitter revealed some iPhone users experienced issues while others did not.

"Missus iphoney [sic] went off at 7.20 this morning. checked alarm and it was set to 6.20am," wrote Dallas Goldberg.

Another Twitter user, Belinda, believes she may have got to the bottom of why some users were affected while others were not. "Might depend on what app they use as their alarm clock? I use Night Stand and it changed my alarm from 6am to 5am," she wrote.


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