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Deflating Apple's hubris: Why 600 million people using 5-year-old PCs is a great thing

Brad Chacos | March 24, 2016
Milking an older PC for every ounce of life makes perfect sense for most people.

Laptop evolution hasn’t exactly been exciting, either. The race toward ever-lower prices has resulted in the mass production of ho-hum, cookie-cutter, commodity computers. And even on the high end, Apple’s own MacBook Air design hasn’t changed a bit since 2010—six years ago. Keeping the focus on Apple for a second, the “old PC issue” isn’t limited to Windows computers: My work-provided 2012 MacBook Air still does everything I need just fine, and I have no plans to replace it any time soon.

Add it all up and it’s no wonder that 600 million five-year-old PCs are still hanging around. And that’s a great thing! Despite Schiller’s bourgeois disdain and Microsoft’s aggressive push for Windows 10 upgrades, pricey essentials lasting for years on end is excellent for average, everyday computer users—even if it doesn’t fill Microsoft and Apple’s pockets with cash.

Here’s to being happy with what you already have. Here’s to keeping money in your pocket. And here’s 10 cheap or free ways to make your old PC run faster—because we’ve got your back, homies.


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