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Jack Loo | Dec. 7, 2010
Openwave Systems believes its systems can help telcos analyse and optimise their networks, and ultimately attract more applications from third parties

SINGAPORE, 7 DECEMBER 2010 - There is a strong potential for systems that allow telcos to collect information on what is happening on their networks. The data include subscriber location, connection strength, as well as application device and type can be collected.

One such vendor is Openwave Systems which offers media optimisation solutions for the telcos to intelligently analyse and implement network optimisation based on real time network conditions.

This network intelligence capability can lower an operators total cost of ownership by reducing transmission requirements up to 40 per cent when required by network conditions and also improve the mobile video viewing experience for subscribers, leading to higher average revenue per user (ARPU). Openwave Systems senior vice president, products and marketing, John Giere, shared with what his company can offer telcos.

Openwave CEO Ken Denman once said carriers would want to sell the guaranteed performance to any third party that wants it. But what is the interest level from telcos in the Asia Pacific region?

Just as the performance of any application depends on factors like the processing power of the device, the strength of the radio signal and the resource requirements of the application, optimising that performance requires collecting and using information about those elements too.

By implementing media optimisation and analytics solutions, telecom operators can take advantage of that information and enhance their service quality and ensure higher profitability.

In such a scenario, the application and content developers in the mobile ecosystem will be ready to pay the operators for offering such a higher quality of delivery. The operators will be able to monetise by selling this guaranteed performance to any third party that wants it.

The huge growth in data traffic in Asia Pacific poses a simultaneous challenge and opportunities for carriers in the region to manage their network and monetise it. There has been a lot of excitement among the telecom operators in the Asia Pacific to adopt the latest technologies to offer better service to consumers and gain the critical business edge.

Would collecting data on subscriber activities create privacy issues? How are you looking to address these issues?

Using mobile analytics, an operator can aggregate and sell access to consumer data to ecosystem partners as a subscription service. VAS resellers, MVNOs, advertisers, media planners and third-party application developers are hungry for high-quality consumer data to improve their targeted campaigns and brand promotions.

Operators can proactively tap on the consumer behaviour by using analytics to extract data directly from the data path and identify subscriber groups by the amount of data consumed, when peak consumption occurs, and then by device, content or application.


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