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Jack Loo | Dec. 7, 2010
Openwave Systems believes its systems can help telcos analyse and optimise their networks, and ultimately attract more applications from third parties

However, all the benefits of a good analytics tool disappear without the trust of your subscriber base. Operators must share subscriber information with care to build and protect the relationship with the subscriber. While detailed knowledge about a subscriber is the key to capitalising on new revenue opportunities, operators must be able to protect the data by adhering to privacy laws and maintaining their own transparent privacy policy. Here are some general guidelines around using subscriber information.

•    Users must give their consent for personal data to be collected.

•     Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must be protected at all times.

•    The operator holds a position of trust and must not abuse that trust.

•    Operators must inform customers exactly what they are opting in to.

•    Options for opting out must also be presented to subscribers when they sign up for any promotions or services.

•    These opt-in/opt-out mechanisms are well defined by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

•    Operators should conduct targeted marketing campaigns with the approval of subscribers who have opted in to receive the promotions.

What would you say is the biggest challenge to adoption of your products in the region?

Sales reach, especially direct, has been somewhat of a challenge. Outside of Japan, our direct sales offices in countries such as Malaysia and Hong Kong have large geographic regions to cover. This makes building customer relationships a bit of a challenge and therefore requires a sharper focus on specific key operator accounts. Extending reach through channel partners helps but it is imperative to select the right partners who are technically savvy and can effectively promote Openwaves products.

Can you briefly describe your product roadmap for the different regions within the Asia Pacific?

Openwave does not develop specific products per se for the Asia Pacific. Instead, we strive to encompass regional requirements into the global product feature set.

Areas where we expect to see future traction specifically within the region include the Browser-based application platform such as what we recently announced with Sprint. We see this as a key method of enabling operators within the region to differentiate themselves from the competition, to retain end customer relationships, grow ARPU and embrace the broader ecosystem with respect to developing new monetisation models.

In addition, our Passport offering can enable operators in the region to develop diverse price plans that are more personalised to the end-users lifestyle and online behaviour. It also helps operators to react more rapidly to ever-changing market demands, providing a low risk, low cost and targeted approach to launching new services.  

Mobile analytics is important in helping operators gain better insights into their subscribers online behaviours so that future services can be better tailored to what the user likes and more importantly, will be willing to pay for. Therefore this is a key focus for us in the region and we already have operators in Australia and Southeast Asia using this product extensively.


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