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First Google Glass review and hands-on test appears online

Mark Hattersley | Feb. 26, 2013
As Google shows off its Project Glass technology, US journalists are starting to get their hands on the interesting heads-up display wearable computer.

So it's like Siri, then, really impressive when it works but not as consistently accurate as touch interaction and prone to mishaps. And it suddenly becomes confusing when vocal interaction goes amiss. Having said that, when it works it is great and the feature that works best on Glass is - apparently - shooting photos and video. Says Topolsky: "I won't lie, it's amazingly powerful (and more than a little scary) to be able to just start recording video or snapping pictures with a couple of flicks of your finger or simple voice commands."

Images show that Google Glass is surprisingly flexible, which should help if they fall to the ground.

Who will wear Google Glass

A number of reviewers expressed concerns about who would wear it. Topolsky says "my mind begins to fixate on a single question: who would want to wear this thing in public?" He concludes with "But I walked away convinced that this wasn't just one of Google's weird flights of fancy. The more I used Glass the more it made sense to me; the more I wanted it."

In this Apple iWatch and iGlass, we noted that "History hasn't been kind to wearable gadgets". But times change and maybe this is an idea that's time has come. Glass Lead industrial designer Isabelle Olsson told the Verge: "Did you see that Louis C.K. stand up when he was telling parents, 'your kids are better resolution in real life?'" The point being that we spend so much time starting at screens on devices these days, be they iPhones, Android phones or iPads, that we're often missing out on what goes on around us.

The jury is still out on Google Glass, and more in-depth testing than a few hours by one publication will give a clearer sense of where Google Glass is at, and where it's going.


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