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Give Glass a chance: Google has a vision of a wearable future

John Moltz | Feb. 26, 2013
Google wants you to know that Glass, the company's wearable computing technology, is here.

"It's certainly early days of the device--there will be bumps," a Google spokesperson tells The Verge.

OK. That doesn't sound like a device I want to take skydiving (as if I'm going skydiving or doing even half the things in Google's Glass video), but that's just me. Not to say that Apple has never shipped something before it was fully baked. Almost a year and a half after it was introduced, Siri is still supposedly a beta product. Puh. Leeze. But this is clearly more Google's general modus operandi than Apple's, as Ben Bajarin notes.

The one thing I do appreciate about Google is that they do their RND out in public.

Which can be better for developers, as it's nice to get in earlier rather than later. Of course, what's not nice for developers is spending time on something that's not going to make it, but Glass doesn't seem like Wave or Buzz or Notebook or that time Andy Rubin got really into Bikram yoga only to stop going after three months. (He still wears the yoga pants, though.) Glass is here to stay. Frankly, Bluetooth headset guy could use a fashion accessory update anyway.

It's easy and fun to mock Google Glass (if only it were profitable, too), but I can't very well mock it out of one side of my mouth while talking up an "iWatch" out of the other side. For one thing, that seems hard. I don't think my vocal cords are that well developed. But for another thing, it's just disingenuous.

Look, we're Apple fans. We like to root for the home team. But when you're rooting for something you haven't even seen yet, it gets a little silly. An iWatch may not even exist. If it does, we know nothing about what its capabilities might be. Right now, it could very well be at a similarly expensive and cheesy stage of development as Glass. 

We can speculate all we want--and people have already begun--but that doesn't make it so. The folks at Google have put a stake in the ground, and good for them. Give Glass the same chance you'd give an iWatch.

Personally, I would think I'm more likely to try a wearable computer that's more affordable and less obvious than Glass. Like, say, a watch. I'm not ready yet to live in the world that Glass forebodes. But I might some day. If everyone else is doing it.

(Um ... you go first.)


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