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Hands-on: LG's V10 is a phablet made for videographers

Florence Ion | Oct. 2, 2015
Whether you like to make short home movies or full-length features, the V10 offers some amazing manual controls for doing so.

lgv10 0001
Credit: Florence Ion

The LG V10 is actually not as hokey as it sounds—and I’m not just saying that because Joseph Gordon Levitt was part of the presentation. Sure, no one asked for dual front-facing cameras, but in a selfie obsessed world, it’s nice to have the option between a regular- and wide-angle shot. 

That’s not the only new feature of the V10. It offers complete manual camera controls and a new second screen feature. And although I’m not entirely sold on that second screen, I like LG’s new smartphone. The V10 appears to be a solid phablet release and I’m really looking forward to delving into those camera controls when we get the device in for review. For now, here’s a sneak peak at what it has to offer.

About those manual controls

lgv10 9984
The V10’s manual controls for video. Credit: Florence Ion

If you’re familiar with the G4’s manual camera controls, you’ll have no problem with the V10’s. It has all the same offerings: you can adjust the ISO, exposure, shutter speed, and white balance even as you’re recording video. You can also choose the frame rate and bit rate, as well as adjust individual audio controls. It’s a neat feature, and will prove extremely helpful if you’re filming a video and the sun is blaring down or you’re switching to another room with different lighting. However, the best feature of the V10’s manual camera controls is its image stabilization capabilities. No matter how hard I tried to shake the phone, the camera would immediately adjust itself to stay focused on the subject.

lgv10 9975
The V10 even offers individual manual controls for audio. Credit: Florence Ion

When you’re done filming your video segments, you can choose to option to have all of your individual clips jumbled together into a 60-second narrative. I didn’t have time to use the feature myself, but it reminds me of HTC’s Zoe, though without the ability to add in still shots to the video collage.

An unnecessary second screen

lgv10 9954
The second screen with the display off. Credit: Florence Ion

I hate to say it, but when I heard about the V10’s second screen, I immediately thought about Samsung’s edge display. It’s not an exact copy, but it does function similarly. When you’re on the Home screen or in another application, you can use the second screen as an application launcher. In the camera application, it functions as another menu screen. And when the display is off, it’s a notification ticker that you can also use to display the date and time or fire up the flashlight.


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