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Hands-on: LG's V10 is a phablet made for videographers

Florence Ion | Oct. 2, 2015
Whether you like to make short home movies or full-length features, the V10 offers some amazing manual controls for doing so.

lgv10 9971
The second screen in use inside an app. Credit: Florence Ion

I like the ability to store shortcuts and the extra bit of room the second screen adds for menu items, but it’s weird that it’s an entirely separate display. What’s worse: when you drag icons from main display to turn them into shortcuts, they don’t conform to the rounded-edge icon standard unless they’re LG-made applications. Bummer.

Dual-cameras for better selfies

lgv10 0020
The 120-degree wide-angle selfie looks similar to the Galaxy S6’s. Credit: Florence Ion

I’m a big fan of the Galaxy S6’s 120-degree front-facing camera, but I can’t turn it off. When I take regular selfies by myself, my face tends to look a little distorted. The V10 can switch between a regular 80-degree selfie to a 120-degree one, so if you need to squeeze in a few friends in between shots, you can easily do so with the tap of a button.

lgv10 0024
The switch between 80-degree and 120-degree selfies. Credit: Florence Ion

lgv10 0022
The front-facing camera's Multi View feature is fun to use. Credit: Florence Ion

What’s it like as a phone?

The V10 is like the G4 in so many ways. It has a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM, a removable 3,000mAh battery pack, and a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera. The biggest difference is its size and build: rather than opt for another phone with a leather back, this one has a ruggedized rubber one. It also has a 5.7-inch screen, which makes it a tad bit larger than the 5.5-inch G4 and tips it over into phablet territory.

lgv10 9964
The V10 in black. Credit: Florence Ion

The V10 is really dense. It’s heftier than most Android smartphones and my arm actually grew a bit tired from holding it up to record video. Off the bat, that’s not a good sign for other videographers out there, though I’d hope that if you’re planning to be that serious about phone videography you’d invest in a tripod. Also, while the V10 is comfortable to hold, but the rubber backing actually adds a bit of bulk. At the very least, the phone is really sturdy.

lgv10 0007
It’s thin enough, but that’s easy to ignore when you consider the phone’s heft. Credit: Florence Ion

lgv10 0001
At the very least, the baby-blue version is really good looking in person. Credit: Florence Ion

lgv10 0005
The V10 features a rubber backside that’s actually quite comfortable, though I imagine it’ll make it difficult to slip into a pocket. Credit: Florence Ion


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