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Hands on: Remote Desktop Preview for Windows 10 lets you control a PC remotely through your phone

Mark Hachman | Jan. 14, 2016
Other remote-control apps for iOS and Android can't quite do what this app can do.

Otherwise, however, I was able to navigate across my remote desktop relatively smoothly, though I would have benefited greatly from an attached mouse.

I don’t expect that I'd be able to play a first-person shooter like FC3 remotely at acceptable performance, but that’s not the point of a Remote Desktop anyway—it’s to be able to access apps and files that are stored elsewhere, at limited performance. (I snapped a shot of Far Cry’s loader application on the Lumia 950 phone, above, however, to prove that it can, at least, be loaded.)  

Provided you have the correct hardware (and cables!), RDP can certainly serve as a handy remote-access tool for professionals. The difference between this and every other remote-access app available for iOS and Android of course, is that using those apps is very much a mobile experience. With a Display Dock and a new Windows 10 Mobile phone like the Lumia 950, you can access that remote desktop...on something akin to a local desktop, too.


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