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Hands on with iOS 6: Installation

Dan Frakes and Serenity Caldwell | Sept. 20, 2012
iOS 6 arrives today, and eager users everywhere are getting ready to upgrade their devices. If you’re concerned about the upgrade process, or simply want to know all your setup options before making the big switch, let us help you upgrade your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to iOS 6 with this step-by-step guide.

Choose the desired backup and tap Restore, and then waitthe process can take anywhere from a few minutes to many hours, depending on how many apps youd installed and how much data you had stored in those apps. (Restoring from an iTunes backup is much faster than restoring from iCloud, which is why many people back up to iTunes periodically even if they normally back up to iCloud.)

When the restore is finished, your device restarts, and you see a screen explaining that you have a few more steps to followbut its generally only one: Tap Continue and reenter your Apple ID password; you see a message that your iCloud settings are being updated, and then a screen with a Start Using device button. After that, your purchased apps and media restore over the Wi-Fi connection.

Set up your iOS device

Its astoundingly simple to set up your device on iOS 6: You just answer a few questions.

Depending on whether you updated your device to iOS 6 from iOS 5 or restored it from scratch, there are a few screens to page through. You may be asked if you want to enable Location Services: This allows apps (from both Apple and third-party developers) to access your location via Wi-Fi networks, cellular-data towers, and your GPS (Global Positioning System) location. (Note that even if you enable this option, youll be able to control access to your location for each of your apps.)

Following that, your device may check for any Wi-Fi networks in the area that your device can connect to; if there arent any, or if youre on an iPhone or a 3G-enabled iPad and would rather use your cellular service, just tap the Next button. Youll then be asked to associate an Apple ID.

Associate an Apple ID: If youve ever purchased something from the iTunes Store, youve signed up for an Apple IDits usually your primary email address. Your login information for Apples MobileMe or iCloud service should also work for signing in.

If you already have an Apple ID, tap the Sign In With An Apple ID button and enter your username (usually your email address) and password. Apple then spends a few moments linking your device to your Apple ID. If you dont have an Apple ID, its easy enough to create one by tapping the Create A Free Apple ID button. You then enter your birthday, name, and email address (or you can create a new iCloud email address), as well as a password, a security question (in case you forget your password), and whether youd like to receive email updates from Apple.

And if youd rather not set up an Apple ID, you can tap the Skip This Step button in the lower right corner. You can always add or create an ID from the Settings app later, but note that you wont be able to buy anything on the iTunes Store or set up iCloud until you do.


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