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Hands on with the iPod nano

Christopher Breen | Sept. 10, 2009
The new iPod nano comes in nine vibrant colors

You can choose from a variety of radio bands--U.S., Europe, and Japan, for example--and you must have something plugged into the iPod's headphone jack for the radio to work (the headphones' cord acts as the antenna).


The pedometer is another nice looking addition to the new nano. It's not, however, a replacement for the Nike+ hardware. The pedometer measures the steps you've taken--a bump will count as a step as far as the nano is concerned. The Nike+ hardware uses your stride length (as you calibrate it) and makes calculations based on those strides.

We're looking forward to getting an iPod nano of our own to give a full review of the new features in this latest model.

[Christopher Breen is a Macworld senior editor.]


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