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Intel launches buyers’ guide for Christmas

Anuradha Shukla | Dec. 9, 2011
Introduces a range of smart and sleek Ultrabook devices matching all type of personalities.

Intel has introduced a buyers'guide for holiday shoppers and inviting them to consider gifting its smart and sleek Ultrabook devices this Christmas.

The company has introduced products for those who want to do something unique (Pioneers), people who are very particular about image (Stylists), and those who are ambitious, competitive and hardworking (Accelerators).

Commenting on the changing preferences of buyers, Intel says that today people expect technology to be productive, help them learn and advance themselves.

"We now know that individuals create emotional relationships with technology based on the needs of their personality type. But personality and ability come in many forms. So the way we interact with technology can be very revealing in helping understand who we are," says Gladeana McMahon, one of the leading personal development and transformational coaches in the UK.

Intel recognises this need and has thus introduced smart and sleek, ultra thin Ultrabook devices that match different personalities and are designed to deliver full performance, features built-in security as well as promise to be ultra responsive to the needs of the individual.

Choose your pick

Pioneers do not tread on the conventional path and they prefer devices that help them to do something new and unique. Intel is offering them Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook notebook that blends full PC capabilities with the advantages of absolute mobility.

Featuring the latest second generation Intel Core processor, the Aspire S3 is a high performance device that is ready for action in an ultra-quick 1.5 seconds and delivers 50-day battery life when in "deep sleep."

For accelerators, Intel is offering Toshiba Portégé Z830, as accelerators find it extremely frustrating if the technology they are using is unreliable or slow.

The ultra-thin Toshiba Portégé Z830 features a slick metallic exterior and has a battery life that lasts up to eight hours.


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