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Intel pledges to rejuvenate the PC

James Niccolai, IDG News Service | May 17, 2011
While much of the innovation these days seems to be happening in smartphones and tablets, Intel says big improvements lie ahead for the trusty PC.

"If I did this in any other state, I'd be rebooting my system," she said.

Another technology aims to help people with multiple computers to keep their files and folders synchronized among the various devices. Instead of using a USB drive or sending files between PCs via e-mail, users can drag and drop files on the screen to transfer them from one PC to another over a Wi-Fi network.

The engineer contended it's better than cloud-based services for sharing content because the data remains within a user's own Wi-Fi network, which she argued is more secure.

A third technology downloads e-mails, Twitter messages and other content automatically while the machine is unattended. A person catching an early flight, for example, can set the PC to wake up in the night and download the latest information, so the user can run for the plane in the morning and have all their e-mail and other content already on the machine.

One final technology, which Intel said was "fresh out of the labs," didn't work too well in the demonstration. It was supposed to allow a PC to act as a server and share images, videos and other files with other computers, even when they were running different operating systems.

An engineer took a photo with an Android phone and made it appear instantly on the screen of a nearby Windows PC. But when he tried the same thing several times with an iPhone, it didn't work.

"The demo gods aren't smiling on us today," he said.


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