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iPhone 6s and 6s Plus review: The best iPhone ever, by a wide margin

Jason Snell | Sept. 30, 2015
“The only thing that’s changed is everything,” says the slogan Apple unveiled along side the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Space considerations

Finally, a word about the stock storage configuration of these phones: 16GB. These are devices that are packed with apps, are shooting 12 megapixel photos, and are capable of shooting 4K video. They are designed (by Apple in California) to devour storage space. I don’t think 16GB is an appropriately large amount of space for a new iPhone in 2015.

What’s worse, I think Apple realizes it, too. But rather than spring for a presumably small increase in the actual cost of the base-model iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus so that they start at 32GB, Apple apparently would prefer that all but the least discriminating iPhone customers shell out an extra $100 for the 64GB model. I’m sure this policy is doing wonders for Apple’s average selling price, but the 16GB model with the price that gets ‘em in the stories is a severely compromised product. This needs to change.

Bottom line

While I’ve got a few quibbles about the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus—the ungenerous 16GB base configuration, a lack of improvement to battery life, a desire for Live Photos to be a bit higher in quality—these are all quibbles around the edges of a remarkable upgrade. Apple has mastered the smartphone game. Every year it seems like there’s just not much more Apple can do to improve upon the previous year’s iPhone, and every year Apple manages to one-up itself.

The iPhone 6s, with its upgraded cameras and processors, expanded RAM, and the delightful marvel that is Touch ID, is the best iPhone ever. What’s more remarkable is not that this year’s iPhone is once again the best model ever, it’s the margin by which it improves on last year’s model. It’s a surprisingly wide one.


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