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iPhone 8 rumors: New evidence points to wireless charging and waterproof specs really happening

Caitlin McGarry and Oscar Raymundo | June 15, 2017
Rumors are already swirling about the “revolutionary” 2017 iPhone. Here’s all the latest.


What’s with the delay?

The rumor: The 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 8 has been a real pain for Apple. According to AppleInsider, Apple is still trying to get 3D Touch to work properly on the iPhone 8, and that this will push production schedule to October or November. In addition, Apple is reportedly paying more than double to get 3D Touch on the iPhone 8. AppleInsider previously reported that TPK Holdings is charging between $18 and $22 ti implement 3D Touch on the OLED iPhone 8. The same company currently charges between $7 and $9 per current iPhone. The price increase stems from the fact that implementing 3D Touch on an OLED display requires putting the sensors between a “glass sandwich.”

Plausible? Even if the iPhone 8 doesn’t come out until way later this year, Apple shouldn’t be too worried. And new souped-up iPhone would be perfect for the holiday shopping season, and investors are already drooling about the higher demand that it could trigger. It’s also definitely possible that Apple has come across some hidden costs producing the all-new iPhone 8, especially since this is the first time the iPhone-maker has developed an OLED display. The iPhone 8 is already rumored to command a higher price tag, so even if it has to pay more to provide the same features, its margins will remain intact.


Higher price tag?

The rumor: The iPhone 8 is gearing up to be the most expensive iPhone ever released, but apparently Apple is aiming to still make it less than $1,000. According to Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski, the iPhone 8 will cost $999 for the 128GB model. The 256GB model, however, will cross the thousand-dollar mark and be sold for $1,099, according to Jankowski’s research published on CNBC.

Plausible? We’ve previously heard that the iPhone 8 would break the $1,000 barrier, and it makes sense that the 256GB model crosses this threshold. And even though the higher price tag might seem astronomical compared to current models, it might be worth it. Jankowski seems confident that sales of the iPhone 8 will actually send Apple’s stock soaring because of all the new features. Analysts believe that the all-new OLED display, virtual Home button, and wireless charging will be enough to generate larger-than-usual demand for a new iPhone. Tim Cook actually confirmed that recent sales of the iPhone 7 had stalled because people were anticipating upgrading to the iPhone 8, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple decided to make the most out of all the hype for the next iPhone and increase the price tag.


Concept video based on CAD schematic?


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