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It's football season! These second-screen apps make NFL games even more fun to watch

Michael Ansaldo | Sept. 8, 2015
Bringing you everything from stats to game-time snacks, these apps are as indispensable as your TV remote.

NFL Connect

Watching your team take on its hated rivals can really stoke your competitive fire. If you want to channel that energy into more than screaming at your screen, consider downloading NFL Connect. This free app puts you in a head-to-head competition with friends and rivals during a live game. You win by predicting and connecting in-game events such as touchdowns, penalties, and sacks.

nfl connect
Challenge opponents to a game inside the game with NFL Connect.

To participate in this Bingo-like battle, you and your opponent choose a matchup—the Sept. 10 Steelers vs. Patriots game, for example. Each of you is given a game board of 16 randomly generated events that will likely happen during the football game. The goal is to be the first to connect a string of four consecutive events. “Connecting” gets you on the leader board where you’re ranked with other top players. As a bonus, a built-in chat feature lets you talk trash throughout your match.

Unlike other second-screen apps that can frequently distract you from game, NFL Connect keeps you more engaged, because success requires you to stay focused on the on-field action so you can react and swap game tiles as plays unfold. Just don’t spike your phone when you score.

(iOS, Android, and Windows)


From the Washington Redskins’ Hogettes to the denizens of the Oakland Raiders’ Black Hole, football fans have unique ways of showing their devotion to their team. FanCred is free app that helps you harness that passion and share it with other fans.

FanCred is social network that works like any other, but because it’s designed for sports fans, your followers are genuinely interested in your check-ins to Soldier Field and your latest fantasy football trades.

Create a profile and select your favorite team and you’ll receive a feed containing news, scores, and comments from other fans. If the prospect of socializing with your sports tribe isn’t enough, FanCred recently signed the Washington Redskins and Carolina Panthers as partners, promising an influx of premium content and the opportunity to build relationships with your favorite teams.

Note this network is not for lurkers. You’ll also receive a FanCred Score, ranking you from 1 to 100 based on how much you post and interact with other users, so make sure you get in the game.

(iOS and Android)


Venting your football frustrations to the general population on Facebook or Twitter is unsatisfying for you and downright annoying for your friends and followers. SportsYapper offers a more welcoming forum where your opinions and rants will always find a sympathetic ear.


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