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Jakarta's MD Place strengthens building security with mobile app

Adrian M. Reodique | Dec. 14, 2016
myPORT checks the credential and access level of an individual before allowing him to access the building.

MD Place building. Credit: MD Place's website

Schindler, a global elevator and escalator company, has installed its myPORT mobile application at MD Place in Jakarta, Indonesia, to upgrade the building's elevator and transit management system.

myPORT detects the smartphone of a person who enters the building before activating a four-step "e-banking level" security check to verify his/her credential and access level.

The person will then have to unlock his smartphone and present it to a PORT terminal. Once verified, an elevator would then be automatically assigned to take to him to his floor.

"Users now have more freedom and convenience than ever before, while building owners have greater access control and higher security standards," said Calynn Tan, Transit Technologies Director for Jardine Schindler Group, in a press release.

"For visitors who don't have the app installed, myPORT users can grant them temporary building access through generating an SMS message linking to a unique video access code. Visitors can simply show this code to the PORT terminal in order to gain entry," Tan added.  


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