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Make the most out of HealthKit with these 5 apps

Leah Yamshon | Oct. 7, 2014
Now that HealthKit and its supported apps have hit the App Store, you're probably itching to try all of the apps and analyze as much health data as possible. But before you do that, think about the information that you really want to know every day.

MotionX 24/7: Track your sleep
Though some question the validity of sleep tracking apps, MotionX 24/7 ($1) promises to analyze the quality of your sleep to help you sleep more soundly at night and be more alert and active during the day. Other sleep trackers assume that when your phone is stationary and idle during the evening (presumably during sleep hours when your iPhone is next to you on your nightstand), you're actually asleep, and will think you're asleep until you first check your phone in the morning.

MotionX, however, uses your iPhone's sensor to track your movement at night. Place your iPhone in bed next to you, and MotionX will monitor your sleep patterns. The app tells you roughly how long it takes you to fall asleep at night, and shows how much deep sleep you get, depending on your movement at night. It can also recommend a time to wake up the next morning so that it syncs with your natural sleep cycle.

Lark: Tie it all together
I've already mentioned how great Lark is, but it's worth mentioning again. Lark (free) pulls your fitness, sleep, and nutrition data from other apps and breaks down your daily progress in a friendly, conversational tone. And I literally mean conversational: Lark sends you text-like messages that really feel like there's a human being on the other end explaining these health details.

I like to check in with Lark throughout the day to see how I'm doing, and Lark will compare my stats to previous days and my typical averages to check my progress. It will also remind me to get up and take a walk when I've been sitting at my desk for too long, and give me a virtual high-five when I squeeze in more activity than usual. Lark is a great solution for tying all of your activity together.


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