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Making your photo life easier

Zafar Anjum | Aug. 1, 2013
Asia is a huge market for photo app developer Cooliris given its smartphone and tablet penetration, says CEO Soujanya Bhumkar.

Cooliris CEO

Asia is a huge market for photo app developer Cooliris given its smartphone and tablet penetration, says CEO Soujanya Bhumkar.

How did Cooliris come into being and how far it has travelled so far?

Cooliris was started because there was and continues to be a need for new, better immersive experiences for media - premium and personal media. With the proliferation of media sources, platforms and devices, people need a better way to easily discover and consume relevant media.

Our first big success was the Cooliris browser plug-in that our co-founder Austin and team built in 2008. A couple of years later, we were tapped by Google to build the Gallery app for Android, which today has 42.9 million unique visitors in the USA making it a top 10 app. As there has been a shift from desktop to mobile, and another shift is happening towards more close-knit interactions on mobile - we've come to focus on the all-new Cooliris app which is currently on iPad and iPhone with Android and Web coming shortly. The new Cooliris app is your personal photo hub. It organises all your photos together in one app with a fast and beautiful experience for browsing all these photos and sharing them selectively in intimate groups.

How different is Cooliris from other photo apps? Is it meant for some special kind of people? Does it have a target community?

Cooliris is all about making your photo life easier and making it more enjoyable for you to organise, experience and communicate around all of the photos that are relevant to your life, regardless of where they are stored. The Cooliris app takes all of the photos from your existing photo sources, and brings them together in one app for viewing and sharing ease. By enabling both selective sharing in close-knit groups along with broadcasting to your social networks, we're giving the control over personal content back to the users.

Our target community is anyone who has their photos siloed across different sources and enjoys engaging with them in close, intimate groups.

How important is the Asian market for Cooliris?

Asia is a huge market for us given its smartphone and tablet penetration, and the speed and innovation from Asian partners enable us to localise and distribute our application in their core markets. These partners can range from device manufacturers to forward-thinking telcos to mobile Internet companies. Most importantly, users admire a great user experience and give us credit for having a beautiful experience.

You recently announced partnership with Chinese and Russian companies. What's your strategy? What are the implications of these tie-ups?


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