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Mobility force in Hong Kong

Stefan Hammond and Teresa Leung | Oct. 4, 2011
Hong Kong leads the way in developments like mobile advertising and AR.

But Hong Kong has an advantage. We have a young, agile workforce who are unafraid to start an SMB with a good idea and a little seed-money. And increasingly, Hong Kongers will contribute to efficient enterprise mobility and mobile app development, both in greater China and overseas.

Tablet-sales set to skyrocket

Another recent survey, this one by research firm TNS, puts Hong Kong at the forefront of an anticipated global tablet sales explosion. Half of Hong Kong consumers say they are likely to purchase a tablet in this year, according to the survey.

The study found that 17% of Hong Kong consumers claim current ownership of a tablet--nearly six times the global average. And while 27% claim they may purchase a tablet to replace a PC, the majority (61%) consider the tablet they may purchase an additional device, indicating that the tablet will grow the total device market.

Smaller than a laptop yet larger than a smartphone, tablets are gaining popularity among Hong Kong consumers--particularly for playing video games, reading e-books and watching television or movies. But despite the gains being made by tablets, PCs still hold dominance as the preferred device in Hong Kong for banking, e-mail and Web browsing, while mobile phones are preferred for music, navigation and Bluetooth applications.

App analysis by the HKPC

The Hong Kong Productivity Council revealed a recent survey that showed 90 percent of smartphone users accept apps because they provide useful information, as well as discount coupons and other freebies.

In addition, 80 percent of 320 smartphone users polled between June and July said they are also not bothered by pop-up advertising banners that many internet users consider a nuisance as they block portions of the content.

In another poll of 68 companies, the council found 57 percent have already adopted mobile marketing.

Council principal consultant Lawrence Cheung expects that figure to soar to about 80 percent within two years.

Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association chairman Ken Fong said the public has become increasingly receptive to mobile marketing because it's both fun and beneficial. "For example, some shopping malls have invented an app that allows customers to play a game in the mall and win discount coupons," he said. To be successful, Fong said an app must not only be creative, but also provide the user with benefits.

Phone fans act smart on useful apps

According to Claus Mortensen, principal, emerging technology research for IDC, Hong Kong is leading in the adoption of mobile apps in the enterprise--in a survey of A-Pac markets, almost 50% of Hong Kong companies said they had deployed mobile apps (beyond e-mail), while only Australia was ahead at 60%, add those that planned to deploy and HK, Taiwan and Aus had around 80% of firms all indicating plans to adopt or are adopting mobile apps already.


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