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New NFC solution to improve mobile transaction experience

Veronica C. Silva | March 1, 2012
NXP Semiconductors debuts new NFC solution at Mobile World Congress.

NXP Semiconductors recently introduced its latest near-field communications (NFC) solution, promising improved user experience from some of the latest mobile devices in the market.

The Netherlands-based company said the PN547 is a next-generation solution that allows manufacturers of smartphones and tablets to develop capabilities for secure and contactless mobile transactions.

NFC is a short-range technology which allows electronic devices to communicate with each other by simply bringing the devices near each other either by physical contact or by close-range proximity. Based on radio frequency identification (RFID), it has many commercial applications, particularly in m-commerce transactions.

NXP said it co-invented NFC with Sony way back in 2002, and has several years of a head start to deliver the technology to industry players such as Google and Microsoft.

Other commercial applications are promising. For example, for credit card and contactless transactions, NFC is seen by some to replace the current chip and PIN (personal ID number) used in credit cards.

Market prospects
“We are at an exciting inflection point for smart phones and the NFC market in particular with an attach rate of 47 percent in 2015,” said John Devlin, Group Director, Security and ID, ABI Research. “As more sophisticated NFC applications are deployed, mobile users expect exceptional user experiences delivering trusted reliability and interoperability across secure identification, payment, ticketing, access and proximity marketing use cases. By continuously advancing the state of the technology, NXP is responding to end user needs.” 

NXP Semiconductors said its latest NFC solution, the  PN547, is compatible with any contactless reader and NFC tag. With a smaller footprint, it offers double the radio frequency range, improves wireless data throughput by as much as five times, and consumes 50 percent less power than the current benchmark PN544. With a smaller footprint, the solution can be embedded in smaller mobile devices.

“NXP’s proven interoperability, leading technology and Mobile Transactions success story form the most powerful NFC radio in the market that sets a new benchmark for performance, footprint and lowest power consumption,” said Henri Ardevol, vice president and general manager, secure transactions, NXP Semiconductors. “Handset manufacturers demand exceptional performance to satisfy their customers. The PN547 is the industry’s only solution that meets those needs.”

NXP said the solution is open for interfaces, giving mobile network operators (MNOs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) more options and greater flexibility. It is also ready for 4G implementations.

The new solution was unveiled this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


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