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Nuu X4 review: Low-end, even by low-end standards

Nick Mediati | April 13, 2016
The X4 will cover your basic smartphone needs, but little else.

Ultimately, Nuu’s entry-level phone is just that—another entry-level phone. It doesn't impress on performance, though its display is about what we’ve come to expect on modern budget smartphones. But even if you can comfortably watch movies on the train home, the battery life might peter out on your halfway through your show. And Nuu’s decision to use an older version of Android won’t do its users any favors.

Still, that price tag is an inviting number, and if you’re a light smartphone user, the Nuu X4 might offer just enough to satisfy your needs. Maybe. But considering you can find more powerful Android phones for less coin and more frequent software updates, you shouldn’t have to settle for less.


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