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Open iOS Safari to a blank page

Dan Frakes, | April 19, 2011
Tired of iOS Safari loading old pages, or popping up your bookmarks, when you just want to open a new Web page? Here's how to open Safari to a new page.

What if you want to open Safari to view a previously opened page? You can tap the Safari icon, as usual. Or if, like me, you’ve buried the browser’s icon in a folder, you can simply access Safari from iOS’s multi-tasking dock (by double-pressing the Home button). For me, this approach closely mirrors my actual Safari use anyway: Nine times out of ten, if I want to look at a page already open in Safari, I open Safari from the multi-tasking dock. I can continue to do that, but if I want to go directly to a new page, I use my New Page icon on the Home Screen.

The biggest drawback to this tip for some people is that the icon for this blank-page bookmark is, appropriately enough, blank. Unfortunately, there’s no way to give it a better-looking icon, since URL-bookmark icons are adapted from each Website’s favicon. An alternate approach would be to publish, somewhere on the Web, a blank Web page with a nice favicon—say, a Safari icon with a blank-page badge?—and then create a Home-screen bookmark to that page. Of course, loading that page wouldn’t be as fast as opening about:blank, but it would likely still be much faster than the current Safari behavior of reloading an older “real” Web page.


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