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Reading List: Will we see the next iPhone on September 9? Reply hazy, ask again later

Serenity Caldwell | Aug. 6, 2014
Knock knock. Who's there? Oh, just some Apple news for Tuesday, August 5th.

Knock knock. Who's there? Oh, just some Apple news for Tuesday, August 5th.

It's no surprise to any of us that Apple likely has an event planned in the fall to release some new goodies, but Re/code is now putting a date on that event: September 9. The publication declined to reveal its sourcing behind the date, only noting that "Apple has scheduled a big media event," so take that with a grain of salt. (Or, at the least, pending a Jim Dalrymple "Yep.")

If you break your iPhone 5s's screen and visit an Apple Store, its friendly Genius staff may be able to fix it in-store, thanks to new on-site display repair machines for the company's newest smartphones. Apple has offered this service in the past for its previous flagship phones, so it's no surprise to see it coming to the 5s. It's not cheap, however: Expect to lay down a cool $149 to be glass-shard free.

Annoying news for app developers: If you signed your apps to comply with OS X's Gatekeeper feature, you'll have to re-sign and resubmit your apps if you haven't been building them using OS X Mavericks or later. Apple sent developers an email on Monday warning them of the change, stating the following:

Want to move to Lightroom from Apple's now-discontinued Aperture software? Adobe has posted a new website designed to help would-be switchers move their images over with a helpful PDF guide, and introduction to the Creative Cloud model and software.

Apple may have put numerous safeguards and warnings in place, but accidental in-app purchases still seem to be happening. The latest comes from the the son of author Ayelet Waldman, who mistakenly rang up $120 in purchases inside of the new Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game. Waldman went on a bit of a tear over the game, scolding Kardashian and the game's developers for their in-app purchase practices.

Of course, if you end up in Waldman's shoes, there's no reason to panic over your credit card bill: Apple does, occasionally, offer refunds, and we wrote up a guide on refunding accidental in-app purchases earlier this year.


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