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Security without Borders

Fairfax Business Media | Oct. 20, 2010
Security without Borders

According to Infoblox, the solution of infrastructure control and automation lies in the confluence of three technologies C services (based on Infoblox NIOS), management (NetMRI) and orchestration (IF-MAP).

He also mentioned the capability of Infoblox software to consolidate and manage legacy multi-vendor configurations, in response to a question from the audience.

The audience then received from Dev Kumar of Californian-based Blade Network Technologies, the company which announced its sale to IBM 10 days earlier for $400 million. Kumar was firm on the point that Blade data center switches are proven on ultra-low latency and converged switching fabrics. A unified architecture also minimizes data loss, power and cost, he said.

Kumar then talked about Blade's Datacenter Bridging Technology which helps high-speed work environments prioritize traffic for lossless Ethernet delivery.

Beyond Noise

Over lunch, Paolo Alto's affable PK Lim conducted a wide ranging discussion on social networking security and Enterprise 2.0. He explained the difference in use of applications derived from user-driven social media C users have little regard for risks and have unpredictable/evasive behavior.

"Employees will find a way to network," he said, "including remote access, external proxies and encrypted tunnels."

New threats and old are rampaging along trust channels in huge user populations. Poking holes in existing firewalls, Lim introduced Paolo Alto's mining and filtering technology which produces a single view of applications, URLs and threats.

Rounding off the panel of speakers was Shamil Fernando from Silver Peak, who focused on WAN acceleration. He explained the company's patented Layer 3 solution (TCP, UDP, proprietary), with high capacity and real-time optimization. He pointed out that real time applications such as VoIP, FCIP/San extension, video streaming/conferencing and NFS (UDP) are growing at four times the speed of other applications, and causing a backload of data that need to be backed up.

The Silver Peak slogan of "Move more. Go Farther. Spend less" was backed up by a number of case studies from Fernando, who stressed improvements in acceleration, integrity and memory for networks.

Judging from the entrenched visitor numbers at the end of the 6-hour event, and constant activity at the vendor tables, it was apparent that some wisdom had been received and unpacked. Annabelle Tok, Group Marketing Manager of Transition Systems, was on scene and remarked that this was the sixth such road show this year with over a thousand end users in final attendance. By 3 p.m., the clouds had cleared up for departing visitors.

Points on Zero Downtime

After a hotel lunch, the audience observed an hour-long panel discussion amongst the speakers, chaired by Managing Editor of Fairfax Business Media, Ross Storey. Keith Sum replaced Dev Kumar for Blade NT and Albert Tay of Aruba for John Cunningham.


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