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Singapore watches less TV, streams more on mobile

Anuradha Shukla | June 10, 2015
Findings from IAB Singapore Mobile Video Usage Study

37% of consumers in China and 35% in Singapore watch less TV due to streaming more on mobile.

A new survey published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) indicates that over 60% of viewers in Singapore are dual screening and watch mobile video and TV simultaneously.

"As one of the most advanced mobile markets in the world, it is no surprise that both long and short-form content are popular with mobile video viewers in Singapore," said Miranda Dimopoulos, executive director, IAB Singapore. "The question before us is how marketers can take advantage of mobile video as a vehicle to communicate their brand message, and provide consumers a rich and immersive brand experience."

Findings of the survey also indicate that 33% of consumers in China are willing to pay for video content that is streamed to phones.

Chinese viewers are the most inclined to watch both films and TV shows on their mobile screens.

Watching videos daily

Globally, 36% of respondents said they watch videos that are five-minutes or longer on their phones daily or more frequently.

Mobile video viewers also watch traditional television. 22 % of these viewers regularly do so while simultaneously watching video on their phone.

48% of the respondents said that they "only" or "mostly" leverage mobile apps to stream video on their phones. Only 18% said they "only" or "mostly" use mobile websites to view video.

28% of viewers across the participating countries often see ads on mobile video that they've already seen on TV.

"Audiences around the world are overwhelmingly open to mobile video advertisements that relate to their context and viewing patterns," said Joe Laszlo, senior director, IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence. "Clearly, this is a real boon to global marketers that want to ensure they reach the audience segments most likely to be interested in their products or services."



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