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Six uses for a dead iPod

Kirk McElhearn | Jan. 5, 2010
Nothing lasts forever, and iPods are no exception.

4. Use it as a source for your car

Just as in the above tip, you can connect your iPod to any source that provides power and use it for playback. If your car has a powered iPod connector (using the dock connector), just plug it in and turn up the music. The dock connector both provides power and handles music output. A cigarette-lighter adapter can also provide power if you're still using a cassette adapter or FM transmitter to play your music.

5. Connect the iPod to your stereo

Even with a dead battery, you can use your iPod as a source for a stereo, at home or in the office. You can connect it to any type of powered dock--either a standalone dock/speaker, or an Apple dock connected to a charger--then to a stereo, and your iPod can be your music source. In all three of these tips where you use the iPod as a source, you'll still be able to sync to it, because when you connect it to your computer, the iPod gets the power it needs.

6. Use your iPod to store files

Most iPods--except the shuffle, touch, and the iPhone--let you mount them as if they were hard drives. On the Summary window in iTunes, when the iPod is connected, check Enable Disk Use. This lets you use the iPod--even if, for example, the screen is broken and you can't navigate at all using the device's interface--to carry files from one location to another. Just like a USB thumb drive, your iPod can serve as a portable file receptacle. If you do this, you'll probably want to remove all its music first; the best way is just to restore the iPod and wipe it completely.

What have you done with dead iPods?

[Senior contributor Kirk McElhearn writes about more than just Macs on his blog Kirkville.]


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