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The value of One-Tier Data Centres

F.Y. Teng | June 3, 2010
Applying new economics in the new world of enterprise information infrastructure building and maintenance.

In the first part of our interview with Juniper Networks Asia Pacific Enterprise Architect, Greg Bunt, dwelled on the importance of reducing data centre infrastructure complexity. The second was Bunts discussion of the state of green tech adoption and how Junipers 3-2-1 approach to transforming the modern data centre can help organisations become more environmentally friendly. This, the final part of the interview, has Bunt explaining why the future of networks and data centres is in the economics, and what Juniper is doing to help make the one-tier data centre a common reality across the globe.

What road does Juniper Networks think its leading enterprises down with the announcements of May 18?
The announcements cover effectively five areas. The first one is around continuing our architectural changes when it comes to the data centre: driving cost and complexity out. And to do that and to support that weve announced a number of new products.

Second: weve extended the EX portfolio, with our 10 Gigabit solution for top-of-rack and small core. Both the EX 4500 and the EX 8200 are our first hardware that supports fibre channels, so with them you have consolidation of storage and networking in a single device.

The third one is around how we connect these data centres, put them together, and thats with our MX portfolio. The software that drives all of these? There are the four new products built on the JUNOS base: Virtual Control, which is around what were doing with VMWare; Ethernet Design, around some of our enabling switching technology within the campus; Security Design, which is about how we can make sure weve got consistent security policies across our networks and enterprises; and Service Insight, which is the software that enables a device thats having trouble in the network to phone home and contact the vendor to give us information about what is going on and whats going wrong.

The fourth area covered in our announcements is Application Tracking, which is around in-depth security and things like service. So its about continuing to drive the serviceability of the Juniper solution as well as some of those remote types of technologies.

The fifth area: partners. We announced a while back that IBM and Juniper were expanding their relationship beyond just working on the integration of our technologies, and that we were also entering a partnership in co-branding and OEM of certain products. IBM can sell a Juniper product to their strategic customers. The same thing is happening with Dell. Dell will be selling to their enterprise and SMB customers OEM solutions. And then theres our strategic collaboration with VMWare to help drive virtual machines. As customers drive the layers out of their data centres, and embrace virtualisation technology, they will need their virtual machines to talk directly to their networks as those resources move fluidly and elastically within the data centres.


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