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Tumblewords is a cute iOS word game, but not ready for prime time

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | July 2, 2013
Tumblewords is a beautifully designed word game, but the gameplay could use a little work.

But the chilled-out nature of the game is sort of the problem. While Tumblewords is beautiful and very thoughtfully designed, the gameplay lacks that extra "oomph" that makes you want to come back and play again. There's no time limit, no leveling, no achievements, and no goals aside from getting a high score. The mix of Scrabble tiles in a tray and finding words Boggle-style seems a little haphazard, since there are no penalties for accidental switches. The bonus moves are disparate: the first two are minor moves that don't change the board too much, while the latter two change everything. Overall, the gameplay seems disjointed.

Bottom line
I'm a huge word game fan, so I really wanted to love this game. But as it stands, I find myself playing seriously for four or five turns, before I get bored and start popping off three-letter words just to finish the game. Tumblewords is a gorgeous iPad- and iPhone 5-optimized game, but the gameplay needs some polishing.


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