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Understanding the mobile ad trends in Hong Kong

Adrian M. Reodique | Dec. 19, 2016
Think you know your target audience? Think again.

Do your mobile ads reach the right audience?

Big data/analytics company, Vpon, has released its Hong Kong mobile advertising data report which revealed the behaviours of mobile users in the city-state toward mobile ads. 

Here's a quick look on the mobile ad behaviours and interests of 16 audience segments:


  1. Automotive Enthusiasts - Besides automotive, these consumers also showed high interest in financial information, as well as on family and parenting, and apparel and accessory ads.
  2. Beauty Experts - This audience segment usually contributes to the high click-through rate (CTR) on apparel and accessories, cosmetics and hygiene ads. They are also keen on family and parenting information.
  3. Chic cosmopolitan - Compared to other audience segments, these consumers showed the highest interest on food and drinks.
  4. Digital learners - Want to reach this segment? The mobile activeness of digital learners steadily increases from 5am and peaks at 10pm.
  5. Finance guru - Unsurprisingly, finance gurus are most active during Hong Kong stock market trading hours, from 9am to 4pm. They will slow down until it reaches another peak period, from 9pm to 11pm.
  6. Entertainment lovers - Their interest in music resulted in a high CTR on music-related ads.
  7. Gadget geek - This segment is most interested in apparel and accessory ads.
  8. Health enthusiasts - Their interest on personal well-being drives them to click on insurance and health-related content
  9. Lifestyle and culinary lovers - Consumers under this segment are highly attracted to apparel and accessories, family and parenting, as well as cosmetic and hygiene mobile ads.
  10. Mobile gamers - Besides game ads, this segment is also interested in real estate, and airline ads.
  11. Modern Mama - Modern mothers are especially keen on family and parenting ads. Apparel and accessory, as well as automotive information also interest them.
  12. Online shoppers - According to their CTR, these consumers prefer buying clothes to other products, and usually shop at from 9pm to 11pm. 
  13. Property searchers - This is the only segment with highest mobile activeness during daytime, from 9am to 3pm.
  14. Sports Fanatic - Besides sports ads, this segment is also interested on financial related information such as real estate.
  15. World Explorer - Unsurprisingly, this segment is most responsive to airline and travel services.
  16.  Zealous youth - This segment mostly engage with mobile ads about music, and food.


The report also underscored the importance of adopting big data to clearly understand the demands and wants of consumers.

"It is said that the approach of audience buying helps brands reach the target audience more precisely than ever and ensures every single marketing penny is worth spending. However, many advertisers have overlooked the core value of big data: uncovering new business opportunities," said Arthur Chan, Hong Kong General Manager at Vpon Big Data Group, in a press release.


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