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Why you want a Kindle with ads instead of Amazon's ad-free e-readers

James A. Martin | Oct. 9, 2012

5. The ads, on occasion, might actually serve up something you want. Just the other day, for instance, I received an offer for $5 in free Amazon MP3 downloads. I didn’t have to make a commitment of any kind; I just downloaded the five 99-cent songs I wanted, mostly from Diana Krall’s new album, and that was that. The songs went directly into my iTunes library, too.

So let’s recap: Occasionally free stuff you might actually like. No endless line-art drawings of Emily Dickinson. Ads that are unobtrusive, for the most part. And you save money right from the beginning. What’s not to like?

Sure, Amazon could be more upfront in the future about its pricing. But I think the company could also do a better job of selling the benefits of its "Special Offer" Kindles.


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