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Windows Phone 7 owners rage at Microsoft over update no-shows

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld | March 24, 2011
Windows Phone 7 users are not happy about the slow pace of updates to their smartphones.

Others wondered how, or even whether, Microsoft would be able to deliver a security update to patch an active vulnerability.

"I wonder if a massive security flaw was found that compromised user data if the update process would be this mind-bogglingly pathetic," commented "curtk" today. "If it happened fast, it would mean that this is all just incompetence on the part of the teams at Microsoft and the carriers. If it happened slow, it would mean that the process is severely flawed and we really backed the wrong horse."

Hautala's post, and the ensuing status tables for U.S. and international users, received praise from some commenters, but they were very much in the minority.

"The status update is exactly what we all wanted," said "Polychromenz."

And more than a few said that while they were loyal supporters of Microsoft and its products, they'd had it with Windows Phone 7 because of the update snafus.

"The thought of it being May or later before I get an update is unacceptable," said "bwgolfer," who claimed he was a supporter of Microsoft, a longtime user of its products and a .Net developer. "I tried, gave it a shot. Tried to be loyal. All I got was disappointment."

Hautala has gotten little love from Windows Phone 7 owners. His post of March 10, in which he announced a delay in the next update, attracted nearly 240 comments, most of them negative.


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