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With iOS 11, Apple focuses on enterprise users

Ryan Faas | June 19, 2017
The new OS, due out this fall, doubles down on productivity, is more intuitive and makes the iPad Pro a device that can replace a PC for most tasks.

ipp 10.5 
The newest iPad Pro -- when combined with the upcoming iOS 11 -- makes for a powerful business device. Credit: Computerworld/Ken Mingis


The winners: Users (and IT)

In the end, Apple and Microsoft are headed in the same direction. iOS is becoming more desktop-like, even as Windows is becoming more mobile, both in terms of user experience and IT integration. Both have significant advantages, depending on whom  you ask. 

The reality is, we're fast approaching a workplace in which user choice may dictate the device of choice -- and IT will be able to readily secure and manage any platform. That changes a lot of the dictates of traditional operations, and frees up workers to be even more productive.

Apple has a unique opportunity with iOS 11 and the company is taking seriously the sentiments of consumers and business users alike. That opportunity will finally allow the iPad Pro to fully live up to the word Pro. 


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