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2010 will be year of deletion: Symantec

Anuradha Shukla | Nov. 23, 2009
Focus on storage efficiency and lower costs next year, says security vendor

SINGAPORE, 23 NOVEMBER 2009 - Symantec has described 2010 as the Year of Deletion. This is the first of the security vendors predictions for storage trends to watch out for next year.

The vendor also says organisations will try to improve storage efficiency, lower costs and management complexity. Also, IT departments will be more open towards adopting cloud storage and deduplication.

The effects of recession are still there and next year will see a continuation of cost-cuts. Enterprise IT administrators will have to search for an affordable way to manage the continuing growth of information.

Deleting information

Information is growing each year and its time companies adopt the delete mentality. This shift will stop the use of backup as the long-term storage location. Backup is organised around information islands systems and 2010 will see the end of the stockpiling of backup tapes for long-term retention.

Next year, enterprises will be more innovative and use an active, deduplicated archive with automated retention and deletion. This move will significantly lower the cost and time of long term information storage and retrieval. Short-term recovery will take the front seat and fast deduplicated backups as well as rapid, granular recovery with built-in replication to DR sites will be more popular.

According to Symantec, most (70 per cent) enterprises have not deployed deduplication but in 2010 many will leverage easier deployments and it will be built into most storage offerings. Industry will both consolidate and face more competition next year leading to standardisation of management software.

Storage, green technologies   

Analysts expect more organisations to migrate to new Microsoft platforms next year, and this means the demand for storage management and data management technologies will increase. Not everybody can afford upgradation but those who can like to invest in newer versions.

Virtualisation will become more affordable thanks to increased competition between service providers. Affordability will increase its adoption and this means users will have to implement strategies and technologies that enable them to easily manage their complete IT infrastructure.

Many storage architecture designs are already deployed by storage service and public cloud providers. In 2010, companies will try to improve storage efficiency and reduce management complexity of their growing environments by leveraging these designs. Cloud storage will remain popular and many enterprise organisations will implement more effective data management tools and strategies.  

Going green is no longer an option and 2010 will see most enterprise organisations implementing a green strategy. Demand for green IT solutions has increased for various reasons including reducing electricity consumption, cooling costs and saving the planet from further environmental damage.


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