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APAC suffers relentless DDoS attacks

Anuradha Shukla | Oct. 28, 2016
Immense amount of stress on organisations in the region, Neustar’s report.

There is an immense amount of stress on organisations in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region as they face relentless DDoS attacks.

Neustar's latest Worldwide DDoS Attacks & Protection Report indicates that although APAC organisations continue to digitise and adopt new technologies, they lag behind in terms of investments in cyber security.

These organisations therefore lead the field in the number of damage left in the wake of a cyber-attack.

Findings of the report indicate that in APAC, 77 percent of organisations were attacked, 45 percent were attacked six or more times, and 16 percent reported ransomware after a DDoS attack.

Globally, 30 percent of organisations took less than an hour to detect a DDoS attack but regionally, APAC lags behind as 43 percent of respondents took 3 or more hours to detect attacks.

Detecting and responding

The report suggests that detection and response times in APAC organisations can make the difference between getting hit once and reoccurring assaults.

DDoS attacks aren't subsiding and thus APAC organisations should shift the tone of the conversation from one of complete security to one of risk mitigation.

It is important to develop a contingency plan, develop a risk-based model of the contingency plan, and communicate as much as possible with the Board.

Organisations should invest wisely in their DDoS defenses as not all DDoS defenses are made equally.

Hybrid is one of the leading example of what DDoS defense should be capable of providing as it features the capability to mitigate strikes on-premise or in the cloud.

Hybrid also affords flexibility and general convenience when defending against DDoS strikes. 


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